February 16 – 18, 2018 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS
Ralph Moore

Ralph Moore

In 1919, Ralph started working at John Morgan’s Harley Davidson Dealership. Around 1926, he started hill climbing. In 1928, he built an overhead valve 45’’ Harley Davidson for hill climbing. He rode his own equipment until 1937.


In that same year, he started his own motorcycle shop doing repairs and selling used bikes. He was also getting Triumphs from Cananda until World War 2 started. In 1935, he branched out into other forms of motorcycling.


He rode the 200 Mile National in Jacksonville, Florida in 1935 and 1936. In 1937, he rode the first Daytona 200 and placed 26th. He was declared a “B” class rider in 1940 by E.C. Smith of the AMA. He rode the 100 mile race at Daytona on a Triumph and placed 9th in 1941. He then went back to riding a Harley Davidson and placed 25th in the 200 mile race.


In 1946, Ralph and Ray Stearns teamed up and became Indian dealers at R&R Indian Sales. Indian went out in 1953, and the dealership was renamed to Indiana Cycle Sales. He continued in business until his death in 1977 at the age of 74.


Ralph was a founding member of the Mid-West Motorcycle Club in 1923. It is now one of the 10 oldest clubs in the country. He was a great ambassador to motorcycling his whole life.

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