February 17 – 19, 2017 INDIANA STATE FAIRGROUNDS

Listed below are the 2016 speakers. Stay tuned for the 2017 list!

Mid-West Motorcycle

About Mid-West Motorcycle’s

Frances W. Lemen

About Frances W. Lemen

Bob Schulteti

About Bob Schulteti

Kenneth Stoughton

About Kenneth Stoughton

Roy Garrett

About Roy Garrett

Ron La Mastus

About Ron La Mastus

Veva Shugert

About Veva Shugert 

Larry Roberts

About Larry Roberts

John Buffaloe

About John Buffaloe

Rex and Dotty Bridgford

About Rex and Dotty Bridgford


Rick Moore

About Rick Moore

Russ Vander Veen

About Russ Vander Veen

Duane Begley

About Duane Begley

Tim Weaver

About Tim Weaver



Stoney Lonesome

About Stoney Lonesome

Christian Motorcycle Association

About the Christian Motorcycle Association

Midwest Motorcycle Club

About Midwest Motorcycle Club 

Motor Maids

About Motor Maids 

Harley Owners Group

About Harley Owners Group  

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