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2019 Biker's Showcase: Big Show Bikes

The Bikers Showcase is an exciting and nostalgic motorcycle exhibit and contest all rolled into one!  This year’s theme is Big Show Bikes.  Do you have a bike that qualifies in one of the categories below? Enter it today!


Big Wheel Bikes: (Front or Back) 23″, 26″ or 30″ or BIGGER. If your bike has an oversized wheel, this is your class.

Theme Bikes: Any bike customized to represent a theme – military, memorial, religious – etc.

Radical Custom: Extensive customization: chrome, paint, accessories, chopped and stretched – if your bike goes above and beyond then this is the class for you!

Vintage Pre ’85: Stock wheel base and restored back to “like new” condition.

Barn Find: Rusty, old, moldy, dirty – if it rolls it’s in.

Rat Bike: Modified bikes bearing little or no resemblance to the stock bike they started out as.

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Pioneers of Hoosier Motorcycling

In a very comfortable and casual setting at the 28th Annual Indiana Motorcycle Expo, the men and women who were “pioneers” in Indiana’s motorcycle world will share their stories and remembrances of the early days of motorcycling.  These moderated sessions will be tailored to various topics and themes, but will be free flowing as these amazing people re-tell their stories from “back in the day.”  If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you won’t want to miss your opportunity to connect with the men and women who “pioneered” the sport and industry we currently enjoy.

Questions from the audience will be welcomed – and in fact – are encouraged!

Following the sessions, you’ll have an opportunity to talk one-on-one with these very Pioneers and view a display of their private collections of memorabilia which will include one-of-a-kind bikes, personal photo collections, trophies, riding apparel and more.

Abate Motorcycle Classes

ABATE of Indiana Motorcycle Rider Courses

ABATE of Indiana has trained more than 130,000 Hoosier motorcyclists to ride over the past 40 years. Beginning in 1979, before there was a state-legislated program in Indiana, ABATE saw the benefits of riders having the skills and strategies to make their travels safer and more enjoyable. If you know someone that rides a motorcycle, it is likely they have taken a course with ABATE, and now it’s your turn. Registration for ABATE classes for beginning or experienced riders opens at the Indiana Motorcycle & Powersports Exposition at the Indiana State Fairgrounds February 15th through the 17th.

For more information go to the ABATE of Indiana website

From Barn Finds to Forgotten Treasures Presented by Leveridge Motorcycle Salvage

Jeff Leveridge, owner of Leveridge Motorcycle Salvage, is one of the most successful collectors of barn finds in Indiana. Whether it’s a hidden treasure or a treasure hidden in plain sight, the display created by Jeff is of authentic barn finds as he found them at sites around the Midwest. Everyone from collectors to just plain admirers will enjoy the many gems Jeff is sharing at the show. Best of all – Jeff will be on hand to swap tales of adventures with you!