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2018 Biker’s Showcase Cruisers: Indiana and Beyond

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The Bikers Showcase is an exciting and nostalgic motorcycle exhibit and contest all rolled into one!  This year’s theme is Cruisers: Indiana and Beyond.  Do you have a bike that qualifies in one of the categories below? Enter it today!


Vintage Cruiser

American Cruiser

Metric Cruiser

Mild Custom Cruiser/Bagger

Starter Street Bike

Wild Custom

Rat Bike

Starter Dirt Bike

Barn Find

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Pioneers of Hoosier Motorcycling

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In a very comfortable and casual setting at the 27th Annual Indiana Motorcycle Expo, the men and women who were “pioneers” in Indiana’s motorcycle world will share their stories and remembrances of the early days of motorcycling.  These moderated sessions will be tailored to various topics and themes, but will be free flowing as these amazing people re-tell their stories from “back in the day”.  If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you won’t want to miss your opportunity to connect with the men and women who “pioneered” the sport and industry we currently enjoy.

Questions from the audience will be welcomed, and in fact, are encouraged.

Following the sessions, you’ll have an opportunity  to talk one-on-one with these very  Pioneers and view a display of their private collections of memorabilia which will include one of a kind bikes, personal photo collections, trophies, riding apparel and more.

Saturday, 2/17  12pm:

Dealers in the Early Years – Rick Moore, Bob Schulteti and Mike Dryer

Saturday, 2/17  2pm:

Generations of Racers

Group 1:  Rick Moore, Ron LaMastus, Gary Poland and John Wray

Group 2:  Chuck Nice, Gary Pontius, Cynthia Buis, Duane Begley and Larry Hughey

Group 3:  Harry Denham, Russ VanderVeen, Larry Roberts, Benjamin Hunter and Cauy Sprinkle

Saturday, 2/17  4pm:

Adventure Riding/Touring – Ron LaMastus, Roy Garrett, Tim Weaver, John Q Smith and Canda Smith

Saturday, 2/17  5pm:

Families in Motorcycling – Gary Poland, Russ VanderVeen and Bill VanderVeen

Saturday, 2/17  6pm:

Future of Hoosier Motorcycling Training Information – Roy Garrett, Jeff Stokes, Gary Pontius, Steve McQueen and ABATE

Sunday, 2/18  11:30am:

Motorcycle Clubs/Gypsie Tours & Rallies – Earl Cantrell (Rough Riders), David Pitts (Midwest M/C Club), Joe Fox (HOG) and Bob Schulteti (Indianapolis Motorcycle Club)

Sunday, 2/18  2:30pm:

Women Riders – Veva Shugert, Dorothy Bridgford and Catherine Martin



ABATE Motorcycle Classes

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ABATE Motorcycle Rider Courses

ABATE of Indiana has trained more than 125,000 Hoosier motorcyclists to ride over the past 37 years. Beginning in 1979, before there was a state-legislated program in Indiana, ABATE saw the benefits of riders having the skills and strategies to make their travels safer and more enjoyable. If you know someone that rides a motorcycle, it is likely that they have taken a course with ABATE, and now it’s your turn. Registration for ABATE classes for beginning or experienced riders opens at the Indiana Motorcycle Exposition at the Indiana State Fairgrounds February 19th through the 21st.


For more information go to the ABATE of Indiana website

From Barn Finds to Forgotten Treasures presented by Leveridge Motorcycle Salvage

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Jeff Leveridge, owner of Leveridge Motorcycle Salvage, is one of the most successful collectors of barn finds in Indiana.  He will create a display of authentic barn finds just as he found them at sites all across Indiana. If you’re a collector or just someone who loves the patina of a newly discovered two wheel treasure you wont want to miss this!  Best of all Jeff will be on hand to tell the tales of his adventures and listen to yours.

Tiny Tots Riding Experience

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Let the little ones ride at the Tiny Tots Riding Experience. Great for first timers and amateurs, the Tiny Tot Riding Experience is safe and fun for your future biker. Provided are the riding area, motorcycle and apparel. The only problem will be pulling your child away! Plus, in conjunction with the Tiny Tots Riding Experience, ABATE of Indiana will have the “ABATE Children’s Motorcycle Adventure” with several hands on activities geared toward kids.

Children must be wearing closed toe shoes and cannot exceed 85 lbs to participate.

Check Out the Latest Gear & Accessories!

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Although it’s cold and snowy outside, it’s always a great time plan your next ride, join a club and learn about the latest and greatest gear the industry has to offer at the Indiana Motorcycle Expo!  As you stroll the aisles you’ll see hundreds of displays with everything from motorcycle accessories by manufacturers and retailers, clothing, safety products, the latest model bikes available from your local dealers and much, much more.  If you are looking to join a club, participate in a new Rally or volunteer your time to protect the rights of riders, you’ve come to the right place! We have an array of clubs, organizations and nonprofits waiting to talk with you!

You can See, Touch and Compare all the latest gadgetry and ask all the questions you like!  You’ll meet face-to-face with industry experts, learn firsthand from the masters and have the opportunity to buy some incredible gear!

All this and a day filled with fun with fellow members of the motorcycle community!  Only here and only now at the Indiana Motorcycle Expo!  For just 3 days at the Indiana State fairgrounds!