Veva Shugert

Veva Shugert

Veva Shugert

Veva has been riding for 39 years. Her husband taught her how to ride in a cornfield. He told her where the clutch and the break was and said, “If you fall down, it will hurt.”

When they were raising their three daughters they could only afford one bike. Most of their arguments were about who would ride it to work. In 1999, they both bought Harley’s and joined Southside HOG chapter 1242. She has rode every day since. She averages 10,000 to 15,000 miles a year.

Motorcycle riding is not a sport of hobby for Veva it is a way of life. She has been interviewed and appeared in South magazine and Boomer magazine. She has also been featured on a billboard for Southside Harley.

She loves the long trips. She has rode through 14 states in 14 day, the trip was around 5,800 miles and she loved every mile of it.

In 2009 she joined the “Motor Maids Inc.” She couldn’t believe how many miles in a year she rode. Motor Maids encourage ladies to ride their own motorcycles. In 2013, she won high mileage in Indiana and was very proud of her accomplishment. She has attended two Motor Maid conventions. The first was in Bend, Oregon and the second took place in Kerrville, Texas.

Veva never puts her bike into storage for winter. She is too afraid there will be a nice, warm day that she could ride. She currently rides a 2013 Street Glide. It is her fourth yellow bike.

She has great memories of all her riding.