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Element212 is a full service branding and digital marketing agency providing business to business and business to consumer services. What sets Element212 apart from other branding and marketing firms is our Brand Insights process.

Our Brand Insights take a qualitative and quantitative approach to marketing with both internal and external perspectives.

Internal Research:

Element212 interviews specific team members who are customer facing for the company, as well as team members in marketing and executive positions. These interview cover questions around company goals, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, expectations, differentiators, and culture.

External Research:

Element212 interviews a diverse mixture of customers to gain feedback on their perceptions of the company. This qualitative research provides information around the customers perspective of the company brand perspective, culture, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, differentiators, and benefits. The additional benefits from the qualitative research is understanding the customer’s buyers journey better. We gain a clear perspective of how they articulate their needs as they realize their need or pain. We learn the process they go through in searching for a solution and vetting the companies they select. This information allows us to craft strong marketing strategy and messaging campaigns to effectively reach and engage our client’s ideal customers.

Once we have completed our qualitative research we follow up with quantitative research. The goal here is to get statistically significant data to uncover trends to support our qualitative analysis.

At the end of our Brand Insights report, our clients receive a fully integrated marketing strategy that includes, a website audit, digital advertising recommendations, and content positioning.

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